The Waiting Room

by Dr Sukpreet

Our parent company, Lore Group seeks to reveal and celebrate the history of its buildings, paying homage to the environment's personalities, heritage and distinct characteristics through concept and design. Specifically, at Sea Containers London, storytelling is at the core of what we do as it forges emotional connections and lasting memories. That's why we are honoured to partner with Dr Sukpreet with the launch of, The Waiting Room in our Screening Room.

Dr Sukpreet started The Waiting Room as a series of inspiring interviews with extraordinary guests shown in our screening room. These interviews shine a light on the invisible symptoms, hidden realities, and untold stories from inspiring individuals who have shared what happens after they face what seems like the impossible - those in-between, quiet moments, facing what's left and what’s ahead of them long after leaving the Doctor’s waiting room. Dr Sukhpreet has used this to highlight the work of the NHS and how they have supported his guests. His incredible interviews cover a breadth of topics that include bullying, racism, discrimination, sexuality, mental health and cancer.

‘Telling these stories that have previously been untold to a level of depth not previously explored allows us to fully understand the journey and we relate and potentially identify with someone’s pain and their trial through adversity’
– Dr Sukpreet

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