Lyaness 2.0

Alert Alert – menu 2.0 has just dropped at Lyaness!

Oct 1
Nov 1



The Lyan team have concocted four brand new weird and wonderful ingredients including Tea-Mooth, Vegan Honey, Golden Levain and Peach Emoji.  These join the three remaining and much-loved ingredients from the old menu, ONYX, Purple Pineapple & Infinite Banana.  With each ingredients, comes a host of suggested serves helping you know a little more about how complex each of them is, and how they could work in your own personal favourite serve. So whether you prefer a Daquiri with Infinite Banana or a Negroni with the addition of Lyaness Tea-mooth, Lyaness provides a playground for you to get involved and have fun with what you’re drinking.

Come on in to try the new menu and keep an eye on our Instagram page for some behind the scenes peaks on how the Lyaness gang have crafted these.

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