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In 2019, we teamed up with The Felix Project and we are doing it again this year, but not just for Thanksgiving.

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Felix Project Sea Containers London
Felix Project Sea Containers London

In 2019, we teamed with The Felix Project for Thanksgiving and we are doing it again this year. Of course, we all look forward to the turkey and the pumpkin pies but really it is all about giving thanks and giving back to our community to help feed the vulnerable and those without food – because no one should have to miss a meal. In 2019, we gave 20% of our Thanksgiving menu proceeds and 20% of our Thanksgiving room package back to them. This was the plan again this year, however lockdown 2.0 set in.

Lyaness, our ground-floor award-winning bar has launched their cocktails on numerous delivery platforms, alongside our collaboration with the fantastic Bodega Rita. We were meant to be having a special Thanksgiving menu in collaboration with them, but instead have launched a special festive sandwich with them. For every sandwich sold, we shall be donating a meal to The Felix Project.

But that’s not all. When the pandemic started and we had to close our hotel, we looked outward on to our community and found ways in which we could help them. So back we went to The Felix Project – who’s aim it to help the most vulnerable in our society – they’re concept is ‘saving food and changing lives’ – and asked them what else we could do to help. They simply asked if we could provide some pre-made meals full of nutritional value. So, throughout lockdown we provided over 100 meals a week to our local community and it is something we have continued today during lockdown 2.0.

But we didn’t stop there. Once we had reopened we decided to donate 5% of the VAT saved from the government’s recent VAT cut to support The Felix Project. The 5% is from the total food and non-alcoholic beverage sales across our restaurant and bars. This shall remain in place until 12 January 2021.

If you want to read more about what The Felix Project and all their wonderful work, click here for more information.

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